Today is a Space Day

OK, so this is my second article in this blog for today and I stick to the space theme:

Virgin Galactic and the State of New Mexico are building the first commercial spaceport for space tourism!




Finally! The 21st Century is here! We still do not have jet packs (which are a stupid idea of sorts anyway and rather impractical) but there is a space tourism industry that is finally picking up momentum! Private funding for things in space. Another source of financial back-up for adventuring along the final frontier. So if NASA doesn’t get the funding… Private companies jump in… OK… I’m dreaming again.

Read the report on CNN.

I will propably never have the money, but what an adventure for a traveler that would be!

Well, maybe one day it will no longer cost 200.000$… I can still dream.

Virgin Galactic

2 Responses to Today is a Space Day

  1. Yes, this is the age of fun. If we get the chance we burn through precious remaining resources, blow a few tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, because we don’t care about the future, because we want to have fun, and we have the right to commit collective suicide.
    Please Steampunk, stick to Bungee jumping. If the rope breaks, it’s just you.

  2. Hey Jan,

    this blog is very much tongue-in-cheek.
    But honestly: I am in favor of space exploration, for quite a number of reasons but this article which offended you is written from the stance of the mad-scientist-explorer steampunk persona, so don’t worry. 😉