109 years and three cheers

Official Steampunk Holiday

Today is a day of celebration for all Steampunks and Dieselpunks out there. Let us raise our glasses and give three cheers to his Excellency, Ferdinand Graf Zeppelin:




For today in 1909, exactly 109 years ago the first Zeppelin took to the air and this is the first time since the beginning of this blog that I can mark this occasion, because last time I missed it.
So here is an image of the Zeppelin LZ-1, taken from a contemporary postcard (I guess):

Zeppelin LZ-1

If only those marvelous sky-cruisers were still around today. I am talking of the classic versions. Obviously, today there are Blimps and the modern Zeppelins, but they have little of the style and majesty the original Zeppelins had.

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