The Zeppelin Museum IV – Military Zeppelins – Part 2

After a fairly long interval since the last entry, here are a few more images of artifacts from the military use of Zeppelins on display in the very steampunk Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen:

The patterns of Zeppelin crews‘ uniforms:


Zeppelin Uniform

The standard-issue Schako-helmet for crew members (worn while on the ground), fashioned after the Schako of the Prussian Gardejäger (I wonder if I can purchase one somewhere…):

Zeppelin Crew Tschako

A model of Luftschiff L 30:

Kaiserlicher Zeppelin L30


 The board machine-gun Zeppelins carried later during the war, apart from bombs, this was their only armament. So it was nothing like the heavily armed Zeppelins you find in Steampunk fiction, especialy if it is manga/anime style:

Zeppelin Board Machine Gun


And then there is this remarcable vision, NASA had much later:

NASA Zeppelin


And the corresponding text:

NASA Zeppelin Description plaque

Still, there is more to come, I still have more photos. Next time, I will loose a few words on one expedition of a Zeppelin which attemped to bring supplies to the German troops fighting in Africa.

2 Responses to The Zeppelin Museum IV – Military Zeppelins – Part 2

  1. Avatar ClausMarvin
    ClausMarvin says:

    Could somebody translate that text in English?

  2. OK, it says the following:
    1. An airship of the modified type ZPG-3W as a rocket carrier. Goodyear suggested in 1959 to use a blimp as a vibration-free and impact-safe carrier for rockets. Although NASA was interested, the project never took shape.

    2. Dummy of the Gondola of Sentinel 2000
    The dummy with a length of 30 meters gives some clue about the size of the planned airship Sentinel 2000, suggested for the US Navy’s Air Defense Initiative program.

    (I have no photo of the gondola, sorry…)