Emergency Blog post

Since it is already 10 past midnight and I spent the last 45 minuts trying to catch the Lightning (Lightning in this case being a half feral rat), I actually am able to do an article in this blog for February 17th 2010. Again it is a rather short one, since I am pretty tired but today I shall go and see Emily Autumn live which will make for a nice, long article, and there is also the review for Ghosts of Manhattan in the pipe (I was lucky enough to get a pre-release review copy). But for now, here is only another steampunk pin up and I am off to bed:

Steampunk Lady (possible Weird West)

2 Responses to Emergency Blog post

  1. Avatar Ansem Vanguard
    Ansem Vanguard says:

    This is absolutely stunning, where did you find this??

  2. I discovered it on soup.io
    It was tagged „steampunk“.