Steampunk Lego Action Set

As a Steampunk who is about to be a father, I am delighted to find this:

Steampunk Lego Submarine
Steampunk Lego Submarine

The only downside is, this is obviously a mock-up. There is, yet, no actual Steampunk-themed series of playsets produced by Lego.
But who knows… They have taken on Star Wars, maybe they branch out into Victorian Sci-Fi as well. In the meantime I do what every good and creative Steampunk should do: Dream!

PS: My regards to the artist!

EDIT at 21:58:

I was just corrected by my friend Piechur of Retrostacja & Steampunkopedia, there is actually official Steampunk-themed Lego, see the links in his comment to this entry. I am delighted!

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  1. Of course there are some steampunk official LEGO sets:
    – „Time Twisters“ a.k.a. „Time Cruisers“ (1997)
    – Orient Expedition (2003)
    – Indiana Jones (dieselpunk, 2008)

  2. Oh! Thank you for pointing these out! I have edited my entry accordingly. All credit goes to you!

  3. I actually own some of these sets. Neither me nor my daughter played with LEGO, but I just couldn’t resist to buy them…

  4. I actually owned the Twisted Time Train. That was one of my first sets.

  5. I never saw one in any shop… Maybe it’s not on sale here.

  6. Avatar irishjim
    irishjim says:

    congrats father to be, there are the monster hunter lego series. they have some steampunk elements. my sons and I have been building with lego for over 15 years and still do. sow the seed of creation and it will never wilt.