More Steampunk Beauty

Once again I have to find, to my delight, that Steampunk is really a subculture for people with an eye for beauty, as this image amply shows:

A beautiful Steampunk Lady

Coming out of the Goth scene myself, I find even more visual beauty in Steampunk than in Goth, quite remarkable in deed. But obviously, it is not only about taking beautiful photographs… I am not descending ino a rant now, listing all the factors which define the Steampunk scene, that would be pointless. Instead, I shall show you another, rather Dieselpunk image, which is also a true piece of art:

Dieselpunk India
A city in India during the Dieselpunk Era

And with these impressions, I shall leave you.

2 Responses to More Steampunk Beauty

  1. That dieselpunk india image is the cover image for „the windup girl“ a novel i highly recommend:)

  2. Hey Adriana,

    thank you for sharing this valuable piece of information. I see another review on the horizon!