More Steampunk Mythology

As it seems, the Norse Pantheon is a favourite with Steampunk inspired artists:

Odin’s Final Battle by ~3dsquid on deviantART

I did not find a Steampunk Zeus. If anyone finds depictions of members of other pantheons, please let me know!

One Response to More Steampunk Mythology

  1. Hey man, I love your site, but couldn’t find an email for you. I have recently stumbled upon an MMO that has a wonderful Steampunk flare to it online and wanted to share it with you. Here are some of the screenshots of my character (Azyrach) who is an Arisen Heretic, which in the game is a combination of a human and robot returned from the grave… extremely cool style…

    It’s called Allods Online. Weird name, but if you give it a read, and check out the style, might be something your readers are interested in if they are steampunks and gamers.

    Thanks and keep up the good work, love the blog.