Mitchell Bomber Dieselpunk II

A few posts back, I presented a very cool piece of Dieselpunk furniture manufactured from parts of a Mitchell medium bomber. It just happened that I found another piece of Dieselpunk which includes a Mitchell bomber. This could possibly be filed under Dieselpunk Pin-Up, so here it is:

Dieselpunk Pin-Up and a Mitchell Bomber
Lovely Ladies and a beautiful Machine

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  1. Avatar Frank Anthony Rainone lll
    Frank Anthony Rainone lll says:

    I had the good fortune to attend college in Florida. My cottage was on the Estate of the Flying Wallenda Familly about 50 steps from the Marina, there on the Sun Coast of the Gulf. At least 3 times a year Sarasota Airport which was about 6 miles South of me would host a WWll Flyin of Vintage aircraft and War Period Military Aircraft. I always knew the show was about to begin when as usual l Mitchell B-25 at about 800ft would fly directly over my house. Were talking about flat land here, so there was plenty of time for me to run out into the front yard for the full effect of the approaching double 1800 horse power Pratt&Whitneys to audibly blow me away. Sounded like an entire driveway of Double A Fuel Dragsters at Full Throttle, then in about the next 20 seconds the plane itself would appear and each time I would have a clear, full visual of the plane withl its armaments glistening in the sun as those spectacularly and wonderfully loud motors pulled the plane out about 5 miles out over the gulf to circle and land at the airport. Fantastic!!! FAR3, Mineola,Tx.