This blog got featured

Recently, I was contacted by Ms. Dahlia Jane of Upon a Midnight Dreary if I would be willing to answer a few questions and be featured during the Steampunk Week on her blog.

Being a vain dandy, of course I agreed. So, here’s the post featuring yours truly and be sure to check out:

A Midnight Dreary

It’s a beautifully creepy blog.

2 Responses to This blog got featured

  1. Good stuff, Marcus! And thanks for mentioning The Gatehouse of course. Within a month or two, I’ll hopefully be able to return to a more regular posting schedule there.

  2. Wanted to say I found you through Upon a Midnight Dreary which is a fav- really enjoyed your interview as a novice at the whole steampunk universe- so thank you and thank Dahlia Jane for making you available.