I love reader's feedback!

This time, I have to thank Andy, for pointing my inquisitive eye towards Kinekt Design:

This is such a nifty little ring… In a Steampunk setting it would probaly hold (or be) the key to an ancient tomb or the vault of a mad scientist or something…
In the real world, it is a nice piece of jewelry you can play with during boring meetings!

One Response to I love reader's feedback!

  1. I showed this video to my wife and, completely without any prompting and with only the tag that „this is cool“, she said that it would be OK if I were to wear it instead of my wedding ring.

    So, now I have one. However, to avoid the repetitive stress injury of playing with it constantly, I only wear it for special occasions.

    I also happen to like this one (http://www.clockworkcouture.com/?q=node/310) but they don’t seem to have it in my size.