Recommended Blogs

Over the last few days I discovered two particularly delightful blogs I now want to share and recommend:

  1. Cyborg Ivy
    A very delightful, high-quality online novel, chronicling the adventures of a group of bold adventurers in a strange and wonderful alternate late 19th century.
    When I first skimmed the site I was once again afraid Germany would be in the default villain position, which it thankfuly is not. I do not want to spoil your delight in discovery, so I will not say any more. Just visit the site and find out for yourselves, what wonders await there.
  2. Save the Croissants
    In short: An Indiana Jones style ongoing pulp adventure by a band of LEGO heroes, led by the daring Dr. Zachary Smith! What more is there to say? Absolutely delightful entertainment!

    Dr. Zachary Smith
    Dr. Zachary Smith

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  2. Hello, I’m the proprietor of

    Two things,
    1. Thank so much you for the recommendation, as a fledgling Blogger it means a lot.
    2. I’ve made a much better poster since then, using the more universal Greenwich Mean Time:

    Again, thank you.
    -Jacob D. Fredrickson

  3. Thank you so very much for the recommendation directing people to my Cyborg Ivy webfiction. There will be new weekly posts each Monday. pages will update as well with additions to the worlds, characters, lexicon, etc. as new things happen in the narrative.