Unapologetic Patriotism in Germany

A while ago, I ranted about Germans being completely devoid of patriotic feelings.
Well, it seems we are changing. Right now the FIFA Word Cup is on (I guess you noticed…) and Germany is once again all coloured black, red and gold, people are going around with painted faces, flags ties around their shoulders etc.

Actually, as I am typing this, there’s a German flag painted on my right cheek.

Anyway, I just wanted to show my support to our national football team steampunk/dieselpunk style with the following image:


2 Responses to Unapologetic Patriotism in Germany

  1. The thing about the World Cup is that it does bring people together in mass patriotism! And I do think that Germany will go far. Especially with the caning you gave Argentina and England (well, let face it, England were crap throughout the tournament and I was supporting them! So much for my patriotism).

    I hope for a Netherlands vs Germany final, unless Spain manage to beat Germany, which is possible (but not on their performance against Paraguay yesterday).

    • Hi Ella, good to see you.
      Well, we dislike Maradona with a passion, so there’s a little glee in there as well right now.
      Personally, I supported Cameroon and Japan. After Cameroon went, I switched to Ghana… *sigh*
      Germany-Netherlands would be another classic, let’s see. Spain has a strong team, but you are right. Their last performance was rather mediocre.