High Quality Steampunk Toys

This entry is not really connected to Steampunk Fatherhood.

  1. My good friend Timo sent me the link to what I am writing about here last week
  2. Some toys are not only for children
  3. In this particular case, it is also engineering as an art-form

So, Timo pointed out a site to me, which features quite a number of really cool steampowered toys:


The mastermind behind these beauties is a self-admitted failed (!) technical engineering student (where would he have ended up if he had not failed, I wonder…)  with a passion for art.

So here are two of his designs (all tested and fully functional):

Lobster Tank

Lobster Tank

Steam Centipede

Steam Centipede

And what’s even better, he provides instructions for How to draw Steampunk Machines on his website. It is a bit on the lengthy side, but detailed and well illustrated and here is some of the art that was produced according to those instructions:

Crabfu Steampunk Artwork

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