Recommended Podcast: The Gearheart

Last night, while once more being on the site of my favourite educational podcats Skeptoid, I read Brian Dunning’s annoucement Skeptoid being a finalist for this year’s Parsec Awards in the category Fact Behind the Fiction. Good luck, Brian, you have my support!

So I went over to the Parsec Awards‘ Website and had a look at the contesters and the other categories, and it was then that I discovered yet another jewel, in fact, it was more like a treasure chest:

The Gearheart

The Gearheart is a pulp audiobook story in a weird and wonderful world, reminiscient of the US during prohibition but with a number of intriguing details that make it very fascinating in deed.

Please listen to the first episode:

Download the first episode of The Gearheart

All in all the story is 37 episodes long and I know what I will do each and every evening after my son is sleeping snuggly in his bed… At least until I have reached the end of The Gearheart.

I only hope the team behind The Gearheart will start another project (possibly in the same word? *nudge-nudge*), but I guess it is rather likely, given the tremendous and well deserved success of The Gearheart.

Also, The Gearheart features an excellent and very dramatic and fitting soundtrack, available for free download at the website.

Listen to the opening track The Curtain Rises. The entire soundtrack is available here, as I said, it is free, so just help yourselves. I hope you enjoy The Gearheart as much as I do!

PS: Zom-Bicuits are Duuuuuuuhhhhhh-lecious!

4 Responses to Recommended Podcast: The Gearheart

  1. Dear Sir – Excellent find! Enjoyed the first episode, and am busy down loading the remaining episodes. Additionally, the Gearheart website has plenty of intriguing entries as well. Kudos on the find!

  2. Thank you, Sir

    and may I say, this is quite an impressive blog you’ve got there yourself.

  3. Dear Sir,

    Thank you so much for the review! What a fantastic thing to read after getting back from Dragon*Con! We are certainly planning more for the world of the Gearheart… A LOT MORE! Expect to see more, soon.

    P.S. I would love to talk more if you do that sort of stuff on your site. Shoot me an e-mail or Twitter DM.

  4. The pleasure is all mine, you are very welcome in deed. I just sent you an email, too.