Steampunk Theater in Prague

My friend Anja is currently travelling around the Czech Republic and has sent the following photo:

Steampunk in Prague (click to enlarge)

Could someone please tell me what this advertisement is all about? Is it a play or an exibition? Something steampunk is happening in Prague, it appears and I would like to know more about it, please.

7 Responses to Steampunk Theater in Prague

  1. Seams to a play based on old Czech comedy movie „Pytlákova schovanka“ („The Poacher’s Foster Daughter or Noble Millionaire“).

  2. Here’s the theatre’s website:
    They seem to play pretty steampunk repertoire, just take a look at the pictures:

  3. Thanks for the info, Piechur, this smells like another entry.

  4. Hello, if you want to visit very steampunk – like theatre in Prague, try this one, they are playing even on ship on river Vltava:

  5. And this is my favourite play: Lord of the Time, we are going to make video of all this play tommorow so I hope it will be online soon, if they will agree or just a part, because it is ABSOLUTLY AMAZING!