Awesome Steampunk Halloween Project

Sometimes you have to do something for your readers and I think, the endevour I will describe here now is well worth making public:

Mr. Peter Montgomery wants to do something special this Halloween, he wants to put something in his yard that will, upon completion look something like this:

Helloween Steampunk Display
Helloween Steampunk Display

And, Mr. Montgomery is no stranger to awesome, impressive Halloween displays. Here’s an example of a bygone Halloween:

Steamtrain Halloween Display

And there’s more at, Peter Montgomery’s site.

Obviously, those projects need a lot of love, work and funding, Peter has set up an account at Kickstarter, to gather funds. So, if you can find it in your heart, or whatever you have, to suppot Peter’s worthy project, visit his Kickstarter Account and contribute. I will certainly do so.

Should this project fail, it would be a real shame… So I hope I can do my part and am looking foreward to publishing a few images of the Steampunk Drill in all its glory!

And a special note to Dahlia Jane: I guess this is something you can blog about, too. After all, it is a Halloween project you tell your grandchildren about!

3 Responses to Awesome Steampunk Halloween Project

  1. Just discovered your blog. This is by far the most amazing thing anyone has ever done to decorate for Halloween. I really wish this would catch on in my neighborhood! 🙂

  2. Absolutely. I am rather glad it does NOT catch on in my neighbourhood, Germany is bad enough during carnevale…
    And this is quite an interesting blog you’ve got there yourself. I think it bridges the gap between mine and Daliah Jane’s

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