Featured Artist: Alex the Kid

Already quite a while back, I mentioned a Steampunk fashion show in New Zealand. Now, there’s more Steampunk coming to us from down under. This time, I want to point your inquisitive eyes and ears towards Alex the Kid, a really fresh and new Steampunk band with a sound I find quite appealing.

To wet your appetite, a digital single from Alex The Kid, Future, plus a bonus track. Listen to Future:

Very cool, dancable future pop. Quite the stuff I like. Their abode on the ætherweb also features some fitting Steampunk imagery, atmosphere and a few amnities to play with and enjoy. Find out for yourselves, do not listen to me.
And talking of listening, here’s a special message from Alex the Kid, you may wish to take into cosideration:

So, contribute to our subculture, leave your mark! And think of all the goodies!

And a final note:

I love bands with stage-personalities and fictional hstories:

„Alex the Kid are from the future,“ says Dave Thomson, tongue in cheek.  „We have quantum leaped to this time to promote human and robot unity on earth.“

2 Responses to Featured Artist: Alex the Kid

  1. YES. I feel like Steve Sanders discovering the Flaming Lips at the Peach Pit. „These guys are great!“

  2. Hey Jonathan,
    I hadn’t heard of Flaming Lips before and I just checked them out. Pretty weird, pretty awesome!