Post-Apocalypse little girl

Various time-constraints keep me from doing any long articles on this blog right now. Thee s a feature on several blogs I read and recommend in the making, but this will have to wait for now. In the meantime, I leave you with this creepy image of a post-apocalypse (post-apocalyptic?) little Victorian girl and her teddy bear. I do not know who the artist behind this image is, no copyright infrinegment is intended.

Edit: I was just informed, the photo is by Marcus Ranum.

6 Responses to Post-Apocalypse little girl

  1. Love this picture of the the steampunk girl with gas mask……the little gas mask doll she is holding is priceless. Check out some more steampunk pics at Intimatefashion.
    Loved your site, booked marked it and will be back for more.

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  3. Hey Linda,
    the link you provided in your comment was incorrect. I took the liberty of changing it to the actual post.
    Good thing you really have Steampunk related material on your blog. At first I thought you were doing a little link-building for some sleaze… You may be doing some linkbuilding anyway but in this case: I don’t care. I may actually feature your site in the future, although it is mostly non-steampunk.

  4. Thanks for correcting my link error :)…..I am fascinated with Steampunk fashion and would like to write some more about it on my blog in future posts. Will make sure I feature your site when I do.

  5. The photo you posted is by a wondeful photographer name Marcus Ranum. I belive this one actually came from his stock photography account.