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May 20, 2011

Steampunks! Hear me! The Infernal Device needs You!

Right, Myke Amend’s Infernal Device has three days left at Kickstarter and we just crossed the 60% mark. There has been an amazing rally the last few days and we are all banding together now for the final push! I just upped my pledge and I hope I can motivate …

The Cute Side of Steampunk I:T-Shirt by Mighty Fine

Another thing I got via æthermail. The people at Mighty Fine have released a really cute Steampunk-themed t-shirt: It’s a bit like Hello Kitty, isn’t it? Really sweet. Also, it is really charming that this t-shirt is not all cogs and airship pirates but rather on the lighthearted, …

Want to join Captain Shakespear's Crew?

Want to join Captain Shakespear’s Crew? Than it’s about time you reply to this ad: Stardust by *Loopydave on deviantART I guess the recruiting station is located somewhere in the vicinity of the village of Wall.