Steampunk Strategy Game Download Code Raffle!

Hello everybody. It is already a while back I featured the most excellent Steampunk naval action game Naval Warfare.

Naval Warfare Logo

Quite fittingly, this high-powered, action packed gem has found its way to Steam and is available for download there. And what will be of interest for my esteemed readers:

I am in posession of three download codes  for this game and I am raffling them off!

So, if your fingers are itching and you would like to have this game on your PC, then leave a comment here or follow my blog on Facebook:

Participation is open until July 10th, the lucky winners will receive an email, as per usual.
Oh yes, and to whet your appetite, here’s the trailer:

Good luck to everybody!

5 Responses to Steampunk Strategy Game Download Code Raffle!

  1. Avatar stevenrobertlane
    stevenrobertlane says:

    All My Shootings Be Drivebys. Hope I win!

  2. Avatar Alden Ash
    Alden Ash says:

    please count me in – it looks interesting!

  3. HEllo
    Count me in !

  4. Avatar Darklunar
    Darklunar says:

    Just discovering this website and thanx for this „nice“ game. I just hope it will not boring.

  5. Avatar Steam-Heart
    Steam-Heart says:

    Count me in please 🙂