Excuse me mankind, how about a reality check?

This is a non-steapunk update, this is a rant.

Did I miss the memo or what is going on here? According to my latest information, the category of creatures called demons are complete and utter fabrications. They are nothing more and nothing less then a form given to our primal fears. These forms were later incorporated into myths and these myths were and still are being abused by some abominations who pretend to be speaking for god (Mr. Robertson, I am talking to you and your ilk here!).

So, there are no demons, there are just instinctual fears and demonic posession such as this one:

A sceme from The Excorcist

only exist in the movies, OK?

The stuff in the bible and other ancient texts was written in the late bronze age by people who thought the earth was flat and the stars were candles, lamps or something like that but had no idea they were distant suns. They also had no concept for paranoia, schizophrenia or epilepsy. Thus, they came up with possession.

Why I am ranting about this? Well, the Daily Mail (alas, a rather deplorable publication) has brought this news item, and I do not know whom to give a piece of my mind first.

I think I must have gone into a catatonic state midway through the article.

And now a very special shout out (or more a shout-at):

Oi, Reverend Larson! What you are doing there is mental abuse, nothing less, you intill irrational fears in inocent girls and use them as tools to spread more fear! You are a mindkiller!
You are one of the criminals, my friend ONESPECIES is talking about in this video:

And they will go on killing and poisoning other peoples brains and minds for a very long time…

Oh, and a final note, if you are taking the bible so literaly, Mr. Larson, and teach these girls to take it literaly, why are you training girls? Don’t you know that women are inferior, according to the bible, and probably do not even have souls? You do not know what I am talking about? Well, how about you take a look here.



3 Responses to Excuse me mankind, how about a reality check?

  1. Traveller, we are at opposite poles on the subject of the existence of demons (and, I suspect, on religion generally – but I’ll try not to be offended!). However, I too find this story deeply disturbing, although for quite different reasons. Exorcism is something which should be attempted only by someone with a high level of emotional stability and maturity – almost the perfect definition of what a teenage girl is not. (I would not presume to attempt it myself, let alone ask a teenager to do so). It is not for nothing that the main churches who practice it have strict procedures which must be adhered to. What this Rev. Larson is doing is extraordinarily dangerous for these girls.

  2. Hello Edward,

    thanks for stopping by. We are not quite at opposite ends when it comes to religion.
    I see your point entirely and within the framework of your believes concerning demons it is absolutely valid and commendable. I totally agree, if demons are real they should be fought by stable, mature specialists and teenage girls are neither.
    And about offending: You have to call me something in order to offend, questioning my views is not enough.
    And just out of curiosity: Are you a regular reader of my blog?

  3. At least semi-regular. I’m not really a steampunk, but the scene interests me.