The Secret Police is hard at work

Where do I start…
A few days ago I was cruising through the ætherweb like I usually do and found another place I thus far had not been to before. I will also not return there.
Among other things, Steampunk as a fashion and life style was discussed and there were quite a number of entries along very elitist lines, aimed at excluding people.
First price goes to the little milksop who felt it was prudent to state the following:

Disabled people can’t be steampunks

As my Japanese friends would say: Kasu kurae!

And no, I do not think this person was a troll, I looked up other posts. There were no indications for trolling.

Well… The photo says it all…

Q bloody ED!

So, to all those who think they can make the Steampunk scene the playground of their personal prejudices:
Calling someone else ugly and unwelcome will not make you beautiful and part of us.

3 Responses to The Secret Police is hard at work

  1. Avatar Jackyola
    Jackyola says:

    That steampunk in his beautifull steampunk transporter is the coolest guy i have come accross so far. People who say disabled can’t be steampunks must have lost their brain somewhere. Instead of poluting the internet with their mindless thoughts, they should put more effort in finding their brain. I’ll give them a hint to help them on their way: LOOK IN THE GARBAGE BIN, BUT LOOK VERY HARD. IT’S PROBABLY VERY SMALL!!!!!!

  2. Avatar Jackyola
    Jackyola says:

    Thanks Traveler, and may I commend you on this great site. It’s a real treasury.
    No need to reply. You must be a very busy men. Thanks.