Epic Space 1889 Trailer

My friend Andy Frankham-Allen, the mastermind behind the Space 1889 & Beyond series of e-books and author of the excellent Journey to the Heart of Luna, was kind enough to inform me about this little trailer:

Excellent, and the accompanying score is fittingly dramatic. I am looking forward to the next installments of the series and I would be especially delighted to see an adventure happening in the asteroid belt.

And in other news:

The officail Facebook Page of EuroSteamCon is live!

Just saunter here and join our growing community of slightly insane steampunk enthusiasts, joined together in a project, one day visible from space…

Eurosteamcon recruiting poster

And again, that’s it for the moment, I still look like a lop-sided hamster…


4 Responses to Epic Space 1889 Trailer

  1. Hey, Marcus. Glad you liked it. I just, tonight, finished the final edits of ‚The Ghosts of Mercury‘, which is where the series starts spreading out, now we’ve got past the initial safe stories, and is due, hopefully, to be released in time for Halloween. As for the asteroid belt… If we get to a third series (which is most likely), you shall get your wish. 🙂

  2. I can’t honestly say; but certainly the World River is featured. How can it not be? 😉