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December 2011

2012 is upon us Play in new window | Download () | EmbedSo, 2011 has come and gone (almost) and we are looking 2012 in the eye. To make one thing absolutely clear: The world will not come to an end in 2012. The Maya never predicted that. Some half-wit with some vaguely …

Review: Escape the Clouds – Circumnavigator

Before I begin the review, I want to mention I have two reviews of albums by Escape the Clouds. One is Circumnavigator, reviewed here, the other is Until the End. The latter will be reviewed on my German Steampunk blog. If you do not read German, there is a short …

The Historical Truth

Yes, just to point it out, long before Christianity reared its (by now unfortunately rather ugly) head, there were other gods having a major holiday around this time of year, so I give you some alternatives:     Happy Solstice everybody!  

Vintage Airship Battle Short by Charles Urban

My sincere thanks to the magnificent Captain Robert of Abney Park for sharing this little gem in his update-feed: More about this piece can be found on the internet movie data base. The director is Charles Urban. You may not have heard the name, I had not, but I was …

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