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Januar 2012

Cthulhu iPhone/iPad Game

Oh well, I should have known, since I am taking a vacation at one of the centers of cult activity around the globe… Anyway, yesterday evening a few local folks and me were sitting around a table in the lobby of the Gilman House and one of them brought the …

A soon very collectable Steampunk Album

I interrupt my holiday to bring you this message: EMI’S ‘NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL MUSIC!’ SERIES OPENS TRADEMARK DISPUTE WITH STEAMPUNK BAND THE MEN THE WILL NOT BE BLAMED FOR NOTHING! Friday afternoon saw London steampunks THE MEN THAT WILL NOT BE BLAMED FOR NOTHING accused of trademark infringement …

A vacation in Innsmouth

I have decided to take a little vacation by the sea and will soon check in at this lovely, picturesque little hotel: In other words: I am taking a break from this blog for some time to concentrate on other projects. But do not worry, I will be back!

Please do not define!

Yesterday, two very dear fellow Steampunks and me got together to chat about a joint project and we made a list about what could go into the project. During the chat we also found out we had differing definitions of what each one considered to be Steampunk music, literature and …