The correct hat for every occasion

Wearing a hat is no very common anymore these days. Even in the Steampunk scene there seems to be only a selection of two hats available: The bowler and the top hat. I do not count aviator’s caps in, for obvious reasons.

As you may or may not be aware of, there used to be, and basically still are, rules, of when and where a gentleman would wear what type of hat.

Some of the rules are listed here, with hats to match:

The correct hat for every occasion a gentleman could face

I hope you found this piece of vintage advice on correct headwear as enlighting and entertaining as I did when I found it.


3 Responses to The correct hat for every occasion

  1. What, no trilby or flat cap? That’s my entire hat collection done for, then. 😉 Always fancied a Homburg, though. Maybe now’s the time…

    Very interesting, though. A few things there that I didn’t know.

    • Ah, Mr. Partington-Plans!
      I would guess this magazine snippet is likely targeted at gentlemen who are too urban and non-working class for flat caps. Besides, maybe there is a second page I was unable to unearth. 🙂

  2. Very true! For pointers on where and how to wear flat caps and trilbies I still look to Bertie Wooster (with help from Jeeves). 😉