Iron Sky premiers at the Berlinale

And hopefully, there will be a full-fledged release in selected theaters across Europe, followed by a Collector’s Edition DVD!



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  1. Hey,

    thanks for taking interest in our movie. Really warms the ol‘ heart when people are excited about what we’ve done. So… thanks. Really 🙂

    Indeed, the movie will premiere in less than two weeks in Berlin Film Festival, and in April, the movie will launch in several in Europe countries — 4.4. in Finland, and 5.4. in Germany, for example. So yeah, there’s a good chance to see it in a real movie theater 🙂

    We’ll soon launch the very official theatrical launch super trailer (the one up above is a collage of sorts aimed for the Berlinale launch), but before you can feast your eyes on that baby, you can check out Iron Sky’s home page — we got teasers, we got concept art, we got press photos, and we’ll update it all in a week, too, to show even more.

    Whew. Two weeks ‚til premiere. Can’t believe it has finally come to this 😉

    Jori Virtanen, Iron Sky publicist

  2. Hey Jori, thanks for stopping by!
    I’ve watched all the trailers several times, I visit your site at least once a week, always looking for updates. I just don’t post more often about Iron Sky because I do not want to come across as a complete fanboy 😉