Dirigible Days – Steampunk Webseries with Cthulhu Cultists

Look what devious, unnamable thing was delivered into my ætherbox:



Now is this one epic piece of a teaser-video or what? Not only is it Steampunk, no, there is a Cthulhu Cultist on board!

Let us hope and pray to the Great Old Ones  Dirigible Days takes off. I have already signaled my extreme interest in supporting the project, since I am a Steampunk and Cthulhu Cultist.



One Response to Dirigible Days – Steampunk Webseries with Cthulhu Cultists

  1. Dear Traveler,

    Thank you for your kind comments! Dirigible Days takes place in a future 1,000 years after a calamity that changed the face of Earth forever, creating floating islands, stiring the meltingpot of cultures, and creating new creatures. The Cthulu aspect will be explored throughout the series and bring a fresh, new interpretation to steampunk and the Cthulu mythos. I thank you for your support!

    May the wind be at your back,
    Santiago Dunbar
    Captain, S.S. Beatrix