Dimensions – Looks like a Jewel

I just came across this beautiful trailer:



It seems there is some time travel and/or alternate reality involved in this story, maybe it is just something imagined by one of the characters, who can say? In any case, this looks like a hidden jewel of a movie. Anchored in classic Dieselpunk time, a strange device, timelines, a changed past… All the ingredients of a Dieselpunk mystery story! I am honestly enthralled.

From what I was able to find out, the movie has been in production for some years but has only been released this year.

Dear Dimensions Team,  is there a way to get a DVD of this film? Will there be a DVD release? Can I go and watch Dimensions anywhere in continental Europe?

And before I forget to mention it: There is of course an official homepage and a Facebook Page you should go and visit.


One Response to Dimensions – Looks like a Jewel

  1. Thanks for posting this! We will be screening as part of the upcoming Vilnius Film Festival and Sci-Fi-London. Also on the lookout for any other festivals – so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

    Thanks again.