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März 2012

El Argonauto Cronico – Steampunk Magic

Steampunk is magic, literally: This is the latest show by Spanish magician’s duo Patri Zenner and Víctor Cerro. You can find out more about them at their respective websites:   It is really astounding, how far-reaching the influences of Steampunk already are.

Global Bigfoot

And once again something about cryptozoology and bigfoot. I do not think there is anything to it, but some great tales come out of it. Besides: Monster hunting is so Steampunk… But let us now indulge in sightings of Bigfoot around the world:

Victor Sierra goes to Steampunk World's Fair!

Alright, my friends from Victor Sierra want to go to the Steampunk World Fair and rock the place! What an absolutely fabulous idea. Obviously I am all in favour of showing our friends in the United States, there are Steampunks outside their country. If you read the Steampunk Bible, you …

Two worthy projects

Please let me introduce you to these two very worthy, awesome and highly favoured Steampunk projects. Both are being crowd-funded right now and both have been mentioned one way or the other on this blog before.   I will support both projects! It is Japan and Cthulhu after all!