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April 2012

Slightly whacky Dieselpunk shortfilm

Cudos to my friend Lord K for finding this perfect piece for Fun Friday: A slightly odd short movie about a bunch of guys going on a treasure hunt for Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. Please enjoy:   There must be something in the air of Scandinavia. All these crazy-cool ideas they …

Stand up for your style!

The stalwart defenders of good style in the British Isles, our friends at The Chap have taken a stance against Abercrombie & Fitch opening a branch on the Savile Row in London, a street known for the class and tradition of the tailors selling their suits there. Thus, The Chap …

Heavy Metal Bellydance

This young lady goes by the name of Mahafsoun. She combines classic bellydance with heavy metal and has made quite a name for herself. Please enjoy and turn it up loud!