Stand up for your style!

The stalwart defenders of good style in the British Isles, our friends at The Chap have taken a stance against Abercrombie & Fitch opening a branch on the Savile Row in London, a street known for the class and tradition of the tailors selling their suits there.

Thus, The Chap and organized a demonstration.


Please check out more images on these sites:

The original photos by Stephanie Wolff and a selection on Laughing Squid

Kind regards to Clockworker, for pointing my attention to this event.

2 Responses to Stand up for your style!

  1. Avatar Edmund St James
    Edmund St James says:

    Dear steam-punks,

    Apparently the link you have provided under the name of the esteemed Chap magazine points to a website living under the so called root domain dot-org. I had a small but insightful conversation with my provider of intelligence with regard to the large world wide web that seems to be so overwhelmingly present nowadays and it appears that said magazine does not reside under the dot-org root domain (One is forgiven to think these internet types are actually organic farmers, mind you..) but under dot-net domain. Whatever that may mean!

    Yours etc,

    Edmund St James Esq.