Hey Dieselpunks! Caption this!

I found this great shot while browsing through some pages containing photographs of the Bundesarchiv. I.e. the central register of photographic images (mostly historical) of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Now I have a little challenge for you:

Caption this!

Naughty Tiger Battle Tank Crew


But beware! „Obvious“ captions are not permitted. If I get more than 10 captions, i.e. comments on this post, there will be a price draw. So, go on captioning!


2 Responses to Hey Dieselpunks! Caption this!

  1. Avatar Jackyola
    Jackyola says:

    The guy on top is propably thinking: „This is the last time I tell my friends I have a spare condom.“ (Ok, that’s an obvious one).

  2. Avatar Jackyola
    Jackyola says:

    We have to stop putting viagra in the diesel.