Felicia Day, Phil Plait and Steampunk

Before the scientifically inclined readers of my blog get too excited, Phil Plait will not appear in Steampunk garb, sorry. Felicia Day gives him a shout-out at the beginning of the video below, which features Felicia in a Steampunk outfit during a spontaneous photo shoot at Clockwork Couture!

Glorious! Please enjoy!


And lest I forget: Visit Phil Plait’s blog and Fallen London, but do not get too addicted!

2 Responses to Felicia Day, Phil Plait and Steampunk

  1. For a price, I could be convinced to appear in Steampunk garb.

    • Oh Christ! (to quote one of the Novella boys when you bombed their podcast interview with Neil Degrasse Tyson) I feel extremely honoured to find a comment of you here.
      Back on topic: What price would that be?