Cyberpunk Armorers

My friend Dag of SteamheArt fame has pointed my eye towards a most amazing armory workshop on the ætherweb:

Nightmare Armor Studios

The word „impressive“ does not suffice at all. What they have on display on their site is hands down the most mind-boggling selection of sci-fi/cyberpunk armor suits I have ever seen on the web.

Sid Garrand, President & Fearless Leader of Nightmare Armor Studios has this to say about his company

[…]We are the leading provider for professional cinematic, movie-grade armor suits, props, costumes, and exhibit booths. If you have been to E3, San Diego Comic Con, PAX, or Dragon Con; chances are that you have already seen our award-winning work.[…]

And judging from suits like the one below, I have no reason to doubt his words:

COG Infantry Plating by Nightmare Armor Studios

Go and check out the site. The suits they offer really look like they were taken straight from some sci-fi movie or computer game.

Also, they have a Facebook page, go and give it a thumbs-up, and from the Facebook page comes the image of this suit of armor:

Wolf Armor by Nightmare Armor Studios

Now this is a suit I am definitely interested in. Well, I will keep checking out their site, sooner or later it should be available, I hope.

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