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December 2012

Half a Review – Black Sun Reich

When I was invited to review Black Sun Reich I was most intrigued. Occultist Nazis scouting pre-Columbian ruins for ancient treasures sounded like fun in best Indiana Jones style. Especially since it was unapologetic Pulp/Dieselpunk. The first thing that struck me was the Newsreel Intro, nicely done. The world  Black …

New Year Honours List of 2013 – Nerd and Geek Win!

The 2013 New Year Honour List of Queen Elisabeth II is a great one for nerds and geeks everywhere! Among the laureates are: Professor Higgs, who predicted the boson which bears his name  is now a member of the Order of the Companions of Honour and (and this is even more splendid): …

Doctor Who Follow-Up

As I stated in my previous post, Doctor Who has been hard at work saving Earth from destruction on December 21st. Now, he made an official statement concerning the events, and as it turns out, it was more bizarre than I could have imagined.

Christmas with a Dalek

My good friend Captain Serenus of Clockworker has brought my attention to this wonderful piece of music, please enjoy! You all know what to do next time you meet a Dalek. Get close enough to hug him before it zaps you, give it a good long hug, wish “Merry Christmas” …

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