Dirigible Days Episode 4 – Hierophant Unbound

The tale of the misunderstood priest of the Cult of Cthulhu out on a mission to save the world continues with the latest episode of Dirigible Days, please enjoy:

4 Responses to Dirigible Days Episode 4 – Hierophant Unbound

  1. I love your take on the series! „The tale of the misunderstood priest of the Cult of Cthulhu out on a mission to save the world continues…“ Haha. Thank you for your continued interest in our project, Master Rauchfuss. Our next episode comes out in January, and I hope we do not diappoint you.

    May the wind be at your back,
    Santiago Dunbar
    Captain, S.S. Beatrix

    • Captain Dunbar,

      how kind of you to stop by. As a Cthulhu Cultist myself (I don’t know if I ever told you, but I did my master thesis on Lovecraft’s work), my take on this series is of course a little different. Besides, when do you get the chance to play the Mythos card literally every time you report on an epic steampunk project?
      Of course I will continue my support for this series, you can expect a feature every time a new episode comes out.

  2. Dear Master Rauchfuss,

    I did not know that you did your master’s thesis on Lovecreft’s work! This is most intimidating, haha!

    I know we diverge from his mythos in this story, but as a way to adapt it to this futuristic steampunk world I decided to use some parts of his stories and not others; to emphasize some and downplay others. Some do not like the adaption I’ve done, but I am happy that many are at least OK with it.

    Also, as I may have told you I am a huge Carl Sagan fan, and had much the same sort of epiphany you had when you read The Demon Haunted World, although for me it was watching Cosmos (which I followed by reading every one of Sagan’s books). Influenced as I am by Sagan’s ethical, scientific, and literary expositions I adapted the tale with regard to them, as well. (Although, the Dirigible Days webseries only showcases probably 5% of the details of the world I created–contained in a 20 page treatment, not including various maps I have made of the world and cities upon it–and much of the substance of the essence, history, and geography of it may never see the light of day.)

  3. Oh, there is some Sagan in there as well? This is getting better and better!