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March 2013

I have been silverwooded again

I can imagine far worse things, since this one is not too bad at all. What I am talking about? This: I have made it on the sleeve of the print edition of Cari Silverwood’s second part of the Steamworks Chronicles, Lust Plague.

Flapperpunk SEO

How could I miss that? This is an excellent video combining my favourite leisure time interest with my daytime job: I laughed my head off. If you don’t get it, never mind, it is a rather specific kind of humor.

Chinua Achebe has passed on

Chinua Achebe, one of the greatest African writers of our time has passed on. The Wikipedia summarises his work thus: … Achebe’s novels focus on the traditions of Igbo society, the effect of Christian influences, and the clash of Western and traditional African values during and after the colonial era. …

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