Forsaken – Russian Steampunk Fantasy Art

The following image is in today’s „Daily Deviations“ feature on DeviantArt and it is so hauntingly beautiful, I just had to share it (apart from the slight Steampunk elements, that is):

Forsaken - by Ilona Veresk

My first thought was „Steampunk Cassandra“, equipped with a helmet which lets her see the future, yet nobody will listen. A very powerful image and an exquisite digital composition. It actually blends several images and elements from DeviantArt’s stock section, the model is an original shoot, I presume.
Also, check out Ilona’s page.

One Response to Forsaken – Russian Steampunk Fantasy Art

  1. Oh! I’ve never seen a cosplay of a Marina Bychkova doll. Thank you for posting this, I missed it on Deviant Art. This is ‚The Bride‘ inspired by Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. That’s lovely work on the head dress. and the gown is just wonderful. The original doll is here.