Spinelly Arianne Photographie – Why are Spaniards so awesome?

Continuing yesterday’s theme of visual art, today’s featured artist is Spinelly Arianne Photographie.
Spinelly Arianne Photographie came to my attention because a lot of photographs of the Barcelona Steampunc crowd are by her, and those blew me away.
For one thing, the photographs are a lot more colourful than you regularly get with Steampunk-themed photographic art. The colours are also a lot more intense and the results look very warm. I know it sounds weird, but to me the Steampunk-themed photographs by Spinelly Arianne Photographie have a distinct taste of a Spanish summer evening to them. Just my impression.
But enough of my rambling, here are some examples of her work:

And this raises the question I stated in the headline? Why are Spaniards so awesome? The planning for the 2013 EuroSteamCon in pain is completely off the scale, there is this kind of art being produced, there are plans for a Steampunk-themed hotel on Mallorca… The goodness never ends. So, my dear Spanish friends, what is your secret?

And before I forget: Give Spinelly Arianne Photographie‘ Facebook Page some love, she deserves it!

3 Responses to Spinelly Arianne Photographie – Why are Spaniards so awesome?

  1. Wow, gorgeous! I love the Spanish sense of steampunk style. I think they are very under-represented in the overall community, and I would love to see more by way of fashion, art, and music out of Spain.

  2. Avatar Duncan Trisquel
    Duncan Trisquel says:

    Nuestro secreto es soñar sin parar de trabajar. // Our secret is to dream to work nonstop.

  3. I do agree the Spanish are special this Welsh girl married one after all, they have a lust for life – it must be the sun and sangria ( the alcoholic type ) …
    I am lucky to work with many nationalities here at Katmandu Park (and now hotel) and it is my pleasure to „dress“ out steampunk staff in the most fun costumes of all types to fit all sizes, tastes and of course the rigors of the weather (boy is it hot at the moment).
    Like you I feel it is really important not to be „dreary“ with the costuming too much black brown or khaki – so love it when we can add a bit of Renaissance ruby red sapphire blue any of the jewel colours.
    We make our steampunk theming In House and are busy getting ready to go really DARK with everything for a Steampunk Halloween – veils and ghouls all over the place.
    Never a dull momnet…
    Keep the flag flying for steampunk
    all the very best to enthusiast everywhere