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February 2014

Abney Park European Tour – Help them to get to Paris!

The Barcelona event of the Abney Park European tour was successfully crowd-funded, now the French Steampunks have banded together to get Abney Park to Paris. For this reason, they have started a fundraiser at Kiskisbankbank, a dedicated French site. But do not worry, it is available in other languages, too. …

The Adventures of Felix Blithedale

Another of those excellent things that came in through the ætherbox: The adventures of Felix Blithedale, a brand-new steampunkish and highly entertaining webseries. Hopeful inventor, Felix Blithedale records his misadventures from his basement lab in San Francisco Circa 1903 Felix Blithedale is the inventor of the Mata-phono-cine-gramma-graph. and other… things… …

Cthulhu in Power Armour

As a role player with 26 years of experience in the field, I can honestly say, this is an encounter no player would forget. And just to make this clear, even without power armour (in case you were unaware), Cthulhu is impossible to beat.

Non-Euclidean Æthercast #23: Steampunk Hands around the World Play in new window | Download (Duration: 14:52 — 13.6MB) | EmbedToday’s episode is all about the wonderful initiative Steampunk Hands around the World, please enjoy and don’t miss the links at the end of the article! Subscribe on iTunes Airship Ambassador’s Linklist Twitter #Steampunkhands

The Edwardian Ball 2014

This year yet again, the Edwardian ball is being hosted in Los Angeles, on February 8th, i.e. tomorrow. I am sorry I was not able to report this earlier, but maybe one or the other of you can still make it. In any case, enjoy the video: Also, you can …

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