Game developers stealing Steampunk Artwork

This has been making the rounds on social media already, but one of my oldest friends in the steampunk scene is a victim of art-theft here, so I do my part to spread the word.

An app developer apparently tries to cash in on Steampunk’s popularity and has developed some Steampunk-themed game which they have garnished with impressive artwork.

Artwork which is not theirs and which they failed to acquire permission to use for.

Take a look at this in-app image:


The artwork or likeness of the following people have been used without their permission:

Steam Powered Giraffe

Daniel Proulx

Georgie Retzer





Enkidi is responsible for this beautiful Steampunk Scientist:

Steampunk Scientist by Enkidi on deviantART

So please, spread the word around, this art-theft will not stand!

2 Responses to Game developers stealing Steampunk Artwork

  1. Avatar ladypolymath
    ladypolymath says:

    It would help to know the name of the company making the app. Does anyone know or have access to the app to tell us?

  2. I´d like to stay informed if there are any news about this subject. I found minimum 2 more games at slotmedia google store with stolen graphics.