Review: Mr. Strange – The Wonderful World of Weird

Right, let’s get this thing done, shall we?
Mr. Strange’s minion Gary already contacted me in April and suggested for me to review Mr. Strange’s latest album, The Wonderful World of Weird, which is exactly what I will do now, though it is by far an easy task.

X - Mr. Strange Album Cover

The Wonderful World of Weird is my most difficult music review so far. The tracks cover a wide range of different styles and sounds, often within the same track.
Psychedelic tunes go hand in hand with chilled electronic sounds only to be followed by pure industrial music. This makes for a very unique listening experience, especially, when the distorted lyrics enter your ear.
I found the rapid change of styles also rather confusing, but it compliments the theme and title of the album really well. The Wonderful World of Weird is truly a weird listening experience, particularly on your first encounter with the album. It keeps you on your toes and surprises you with every track. You really do not and cannot really know what to expect next.
I also found some of the music rather disquieting for some reason. Maybe I was half afraid some psycho was about to crawl out off my speakers.
Truly a one-of-a-kind experience.
To sum up:
No track like the other, every new track a surprise and a kaleidoscope of styles used.
If you are into chilly tunes, Steampunk sounds, industrial and psychedelic music,or simply crave something new and unique, The Wonderful World of Weird is definitely an album you should check out.

7/10 for the music

10/10 for creativity and uniqueness.

And now, please have a listen:

You can find Mr. Strange at his official website and of course on Facebook.

One Response to Review: Mr. Strange – The Wonderful World of Weird

  1. Hi,

    Nice review! It’s great to see Mr. Strange’s music starting to get wider exposure. This guy is an exceptional talent!

    I love this album, and had it pre-ordered the moment I heard it was due to get a release. I agree, the sheer variety of music on this album is staggering, but I do find the common thread possibly easier to recognise.

    Maybe that’s because I’ve also followed Strange’s career in The Shanklin Freak Show, I don’t know… Maybe it’s the glint in the his eye that you can so easily imagine when listening; maybe it’s that crazed push in each direction, but each exciting excursion still returns you to the undeniable Strange core.

    I don’t hesitate to say that this is one of my favourite albums of all time, and it’s got a permanent slot in my listening list alongside the likes of Numan, Manson, Bowie, Slipknot and many other true rock stars.
    10/10, easily 🙂