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I know this blog is not doing too bad considering it is aimed at a rather small audience. I usually get between 500-600 unique visitors every day and around 2000-3000 page impressions. As far as Page Rank and keyword rankings are concerned, it is also rather decent, considering I am not doing any active search engine optimisation for it.

Why am I telling you this? I am an online marketing professional myself. Please take a look at my LinkedIn profile. I know what a link on my blog is worth.

Do not approach me offering guest posts, unless you are connected to the scene (which I will check if I do not know you) and want to blog about something related to any of the usual topics of my blog.

I do accept placing links for a fee into dedicated post which I will write. So if you want to buy a link in the main content of my blog, feel free to inquire. But please remember my code of conduct:

Does your proposal fit the code?

Thank you for your time.


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  1. Dear Traveler,

    I came upon your blog and found it fascinating. Is that Airships and Tentacles book available for purchase anywhere? I too am a Lovecraft and Steampunk fan and have a Steampunk Cthulhu statue I am trying to get out there so as many steampunk fans as possible can see it. Check it out on my deviant page and let me know what you think. I am trying to find ways to get it out there in the steampunk community. Best regards and God Bless.


  2. Dear Marcus a.ka. Traveler,

    I came across your blog, daily-steampunk, and really enjoyed it. I am co-founder Darke Media Group which tells engaging, mixed-media, interactive stories by connecting artists to artists. Our first, Phantom Hearts, (which I am the artist for) is a young-adult steampunk fantasy told in pictures and words with interactive bonus features scattered throughout. I have experience writing and writing about (steampunk/fantasy). After looking at your archives, I would love to work with you as a guest blogger.

    I know that you take your blog very seriously and only want the best content. I pride myself in the fact that I don’t write the cookie-cutter and bare minimum “guest posts” that a lot of people churn out these days. I can write about the history of (fantasy/steampunk), current trends and books, movie adaptations, and all those awesome non-book things about (steampunk/fantasy) like jewelry, clothes, games and the like. I also do a lot of work with mixed-media, art and interactivity and would love to guest post about the future of storytelling. If there is something else that you would like to cover, please just let me know.

    If you’re not interested, you can stop reading here. We promise you won’t hurt our feelings. Ok, maybe just a little, but we’ll live 😉

    Who Am I?

    My name is Reema Farra, owner of Darke Media Group, an innovative company that’s passionate about storytelling. We use mixed media and interactive features to tell each story the way it deserves to be told and we do this by connecting artists.

    Mixed media means that the story alternates between different kinds of media, so the images carry the story, not just illustrate the text. You can check out more about us on our website http://www.DMGstories.com

    More About Phantom Hearts:

    Airships, tanks and clockwork automatons chew through Ilsa, threatening the balance between science and sorcery. Takers of the Dead clear more and more bodies. The Grey Wolves hunt anyone using Majick.

    Hannah doesn’t care about anything besides Jason, her forbidden lover. Though she is a slave, and he an Ilsan noble, they meet at night and dream of the time they can run away together. Then the news comes. Hannah refuses to believe it. When she sneaks into his funeral, Hannah is unknowingly plunged into whirlwind of black-market majick and rogue spies. Then she meets Travis, a stranger with dark secrets, who promises to lead her to a secret cult of necromancers where she can bring Jason back.

    In this steampunk-fantasy told in pictures and words, Hannah Blue will follow Travis anywhere, do anything, pay any price to find the outlawed majick to be with Jason again.

    You can also check out http://www.PhantomHearts.com

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Dear sir.
    My partners and I have been part of the Steampunk Community for several years now. We are Mead brewers. We are trying to launch a Steampunk themed meadery. We are on an extremely limited budget so we can’t advertise on your page however if you would like to review our Kickstarter it would be very much appreciated.
    If not I truly do understand but thank you for your time.

    A „J“ of the J&J Miracle Mead Men.

  4. Avatar ASC Churchward
    ASC Churchward says:

    Dear Traveler,

    I am Captain of a crew of ner-do-wells that are opening a Steampunk themed bar in Bristol. As far as we are aware it is the first of its kind in Britain and we were wondering if you could help us by promoting our crowdfunder? The bar will go ahead as planned if we do not reach our target. it will just put us back by some time.
    If you do help us out with a shameless plug you will receive an automatic invitation to the opening party as well as a clockwork rose members pin (it is not a members only club the pin will just grant you free access to any events that would usually have an entry fee).

    Below is the links to our crowdfunder and social media pages:

    Thank you for your time
    ASC Kit Churchward

  5. Dear Traveler,

    I came across this blog while doing an online research for steampunk blogs; I found it very interesting and theme-oriented, something I appreciate as I’m part of a work-in-progress steampunk web series called „Distopia Argentia“. We are a small latin-america filmmakers group of passionate steampunkers, and we’re trying to finish our web-series via crowdfunding. We are very excited as we thinkg the quality of it is quite high for an indie project, and so far the reception from the people is very overwhelming.

    You can see the trailer and crowdfunding campaign at: http://www.distopiasaga.com

    I hope you can find it interesting enough to share this info in your blog, anyway I’m really thankfull for letting me contact you about this project.

    Kind regards!