New Steampunk Home

After some deliberation I have decided to move my old blog here. The old provider was simply too restrictive. I could not add themes, I could not add plugins, it was a mess.

So now my old new (or new old) Steampunk blog is here, where my German Steampunk blog also is. The whole family is in one place.

2 Responses to New Steampunk Home

  1. Avatar Captain Wilde
    Captain Wilde says:

    Shameless plug alert!!

    I’ve just started a book on Wattpad with a Steampunk spin -‚Daedalus Krane and the Hand of God.‘

    It’s set in part in India and then goes from there. The first three chapters are listed -and it’s free for all to read.

    If nothing else the cover artwork is great – by a lady called Cara Packwood.

    Go into Wattpad ,click on browse and type ‚Krane‘ into find stories.

    Captain Wilde

  2. Just announced the Steam Powered Giraffe Concert on Feb 27 and 28 2015 at the Historic Everett Theatre in Everett WA. Hope all their fans turn out for the show!