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  • The Day Cthulhu ripped off the Roof of my House

    There is a proverb, possibly American in origin (I never came across it in the UK anyway) and I first heard it on an early season of The Simpsons: „God does not close a door without opening a window.“
    This proverb needs some adaption in the case of my situation but is still applicable. The adaption goes something like this:
    Hastur does not close door without Cthulhu taking off the roof.
    Let me elaborate:
    If you follow my bog, you should be aware I recently changed carrers. I have gone bak into teaching after working online for the past 10 years.
    Getting there was a bit of a struggle (teaching in Germany has a lot of bureucratic hurdles). For a while it even looked like that, although I had all the qualifications, I would not be able to start because the combination of my qualifications only made me eligible for a probationary teaching position wich was out of the question because the pay would have been about a third of what was getting at my last online job and thus by far not enough to support a family.

    And then Cthulhu came and ripped the roof off.

    I saw an ad for a teaching position online on a dedicated website and applied. Two days later (and about four weeks before the date the official interviews would begin, according to the ad), I got an email inquiering if I could com in for an interview straight away. That was odd, but a happy surprize. I happened to have a few days off at the time so I could come in, of course.
    The interview went very well and the headmaster of this school was apparently so impressed with me (for whatever reason) that he made a few phone calls, pulled a few strings and managed to get a special permit for me, so I could start in a better position straight away.
    So, for the past three weeks (coming up four) I have been working as a teacher again. Although two of my classes are rather tough, I have not been so happy at work ever since my days working in an assistant data research position at university (that was in 2005, go figure).

    Also: The teaching experience now is vastly different from what I experienced in Bavaria. The teachers are more friiendly by several magnitudes, they are more supportive and the kids are great as well.

    So far, things are starting to look brighter and during the summer holidys I will have some real time to do some serious writing. A win all around.

    Praise be to Cthulhu!

  • Steampunk and Happiness – #SteampunkHands 2017 – Part 1

    The motto of this year’s Steampunk Hands Around The World is „Steampunk – Making Life better“. Later this week, I will be recording a podcast concerning the topic. In preparation for the podcast, I went through the history of this blog, visited websites I used to visit more frequently when I was newer and/or more active in the Steampunk scene, just collecting positive aspects of the scene.

    The one thing I want to talk about today, is just the general sense of lighthearted happiness in the scene. Yes, I know, Steampunk also has its share of (bizarrely) Guardians of Purity (yes, for a made-up thing), Fashion Junkies, and Scene Nazis (i.e. „I get to decide what Steampunk is).

    But, when I look around at the vast majority of people I have had the pleasure to meet, from the scene in Barcelona to the Amt for Ætherangelegenheiten to BB Black Dog and other bands, to just the regular event goers:

    Most of them are just genuinely happy people or at least manage to generate a genuinely happy atmosphere at the places they congregate. The quality of that happiness is also in keeping with the (for lack of a better term) gentlemanliness of the scene, i.e. it is a very calm and pleasant happiness that makes Steampunk events nice places to just be at. It is vastly different from the more energetic happiness you get at Rock or Metal concerts.

    Also, and this is a very personal thing: Steampunk has brought additional happiness to my life. I will touch on that in more detail in the upcoming podcast, but I have to say that through the people I met, the opportunities I got and where those opportunities have led me, the base-happiness of my live has increased.

    Some example:

      • Several of my most awesome friends are Steampunks or connected to the scene (Anja Bagus and the Amt, Victor Sierra,Alex Jahnke, Admira Ravensdale, basically everyone from Barcelona, Mr and Mrs Vogt, everybody involved in #SteampunkHands and by extension Steampunk Writers around the World just to name a few) and friends make you happy
      • The books I wrote/participated in writing and the two awards that came from it
      • The opportunity to talk about Steampunk at Dortmund University
      • The Steampunk and cosplay people from Vienna (and what came from there, but I will talk about it, when I have the equipment complete)
      • And I could go on and on

    So, Steampunk is in itself and in the context of my life a source of happiness.

    So much for this happy rant. I hope Steampunk has or is making you happy, too.

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