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The surreal Steampunk Art of Jarosław Jaśnikowski

The flow of outstanding people producing amazing Steampunk art apparently never ends. Today’s featured artist is the honourable Jarosław Jaśnikowski of Poland. I recently came across his work while sifting through my usual sources for Steampunk material. Mr. Jarosław Jaśnikowski is unique in his mixing of Steampunk with distinctly surrealist …

Hej, Polsko Steampunks

Jak dowiedzieliśmy sie niedawno, Steampunk jest bardzo EDIT: popularny w Polsce (was, erroniously: popularna w Polska). And because I do not speak Polish (except for a few things like “dzień dobry” and “Piwo prosze”) I had to use Google Translate to get the title and the first sentence. I appologize …

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