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  • Steampunk Visuals – Various Formats

    I have to apologize to everybody who sends æthermails with recomendations for stuff I could / should feature here. I read them all, I have a rather large list but I seldom have the time these days to take a good look at i.e. the blogs and other ætherweb sites I get pointed to. Do not despair, sooner or later they will feature here.

    Now for two Steampunk related things that have almost been fermenting in my æthermail in-box for quite some time now and since both feature visuals, I thought I combine them.

    The first one is about Leviathans – Monsters in the Sky a game I featured here before. there is some new artwork out, concerning two types of Leviathans, the French Grenouille-class Destroyer (top row in the gallery below) and the Leviathan-class British Battleship, yes, the name-sake of the game (bottom row):



    The iconic Steampunk/Dieselpunk themed game Bioshock is getting its third family member in 2012, Bioshock Infinite, here’s the trailer in case you haven’t seen it already:

    So, even if I do not have the time for a decent update, I can still provide some nice steampunk visual art. Yes, I think computer games are visual art, and so are the respective trailers.

    Oh and lest I forget, today’s featured article in the Wikipedia is:

    SMS Baden, guns to port
    (Click, please)


  • Steampunk Strategy Game by Catalyst Game Labs

    Catalyst Game Labs, the current publishers of the iconic games Shadowrun and Battletech, are developing a very promising looking Steampunk-themed tabletop strategy game, Leviathans.

    Leviathans will be published this year under Creative Commons. This means we, the players and Steampunk enthusiasts can  participate and influence the game world in a huge way.

    I am really excited about this upcoming game. For one, the miniatures look great, even if they are not painted:

    HML Leviathan

    Even better: The miniatures in the boxwill actually be lightly painted, once the game is officially released.

    And I really like the background alternative history of this game. Go to www.monstersinthesky.com and check it out.
    Also, Battletech was the first game of this kind I played, actually. This was back in 1988, yes, I am that old. I still remember painting my first mech, a Firestarter:

    Firetsrter Battlemech

    Since Catalyst Game Labs has some of the best games ever in their portfolio, I am sure Leviathans will be an excellent game as well.

    And the rules and artwork look VERY promising in deed. Just check out this PDF. It will give you a little tantalising glimpse of the world of Leviathans:

    Leviathans Introduction

  • Iron Grip: Marauders, play it now!

    Well, this is exciting news:

    My favourite Steampunk-themed online strategy game, come to think of it, my favourite online strategy game, period, has left the closed beta and is now in open beta.

    Iron Grip: Marauders awaits you! Join the fight! It features smooth gameplay, magnificent graphics, truely awesome units and a very simple interface. It is also very easy to play but do not be fooled: A weak enemy can wipe you off the map with the correct combination of troops, even when understrengthed. Combined Arms really is the way to go in Iron Grip: Marauders.

    If you are unsure what I am talking about, here is the link to my review: Iron Grip: Marauders (Beta) Review

    But now for the good things, here’s the official Iron Grip: Marauders trailer:

    And this is the official press release:

    Iron Grip: Marauders now in Open beta

    Get blown away by another ISOTX 1st

    Full on 3D gameplay through the browser delivered by a Frankenstein-esque melding of a rich Strategy Based Browser Game interface with the Unity 3D game engine.

    UTRECHT, The Netherlands – 17 January 2011 – Today, ISOTX, developer of the award winning Iron Grip series, announced the release of their much anticipated browser title, Iron Grip: Marauders. In keeping with the ISOTX tradition of radical experimentation, the free-to-play Marauders offers a true 3D battle experience in a turn-based format. This new type of game play, together with the characteristic style of the Iron Grip series makes it one of the most innovative browser games in the genre.

    The story of Iron Grip

    Jump into the unforgiving world of Iron Grip: Marauders as you scrape together resources to build armies and battle opponents to expand your territories.
    In the land of Kathos, an aristocratic country caught up in internal conflict, the strain and turmoil has finally reached a boiling point. The troops of the occupying Rahmos faction have moved to the southern border in expectation of a pending war with the Fahrong; leaving entire regions unprotected. The action has attracted the attention of marauders: mercenary pirates whose ranks range from highly trained ex-military men to common thieves.

    As captain of a pirate airship, players roam the vast regions of Kathos in search of settlements to loot. The captured settlements are easily turned into pirate strongholds which provide additional building and training options in the game. From their headquarters in the sky, gamers can strategically plan their army’s size and composition. By researching new technologies, stronger units can be trained and new structures created.


    Marauder captains settle their disputes one-on-one in a 3D battle map. The use of this innovative technology allows for easy game play in combination with spectacular graphics. Gamers can decide to fight other players as well as AI opponents, which makes combats fun and challenging at the same time. The outcome of the conflict is largely determined by experience, army composition and a bit of luck.

    More to come

    With the release of Iron Grip: Marauders, a strong foundation is laid, but much more can be expected from the development team in the future. “We still have many ideas for new units and features. Over the next months, we will try to work these out and implement them into the game. So, stay tuned for news updates!” promises Creative Director Vincent van Geel.

    About ISOTX

    ISOTX is the video game company that created the Iron Grip Universe, an alternative world set in a familiar, yet intriguing environment reminiscent of prewar Europe, but filled with airships, fascinating technologies and deep storyline. The first title in the series, a Half-Life 2 mod called Iron Grip: The Oppression, quickly became an indie hit and the inspiration for the development of following commercial titles that take place within the Iron Grip Universe. With a fan base of over 250,000, ISOTX has continued introducing games such as Iron Grip: Warlord, Iron Grip: Lords of War and Iron
    Grip: Marauders, thereby delivering on our promise to keep improving and expanding the works of Iron Grip gaming.

    You’ve got my review and the info in this press release, but nothing beats your first-hand experience, so go and check out Iron Grip: Marauders.

    I have to go now and put the final touches on my coat for tomorrow’s mini-LARP.