The WGT 2008: First disjunct episode

Being dressed up as a steampunk at the WGT (Wave-Gotik-Treffen) in Leipzig means you don’t really stand out off the crowd. My dear wife and me had quite a few encounters with people who could easily be used as decoys for a number of actions.

For example there were those two specimen:

An acquaintance from the WGT

and her boyfriend (he was the one who caught our attention, but, as a Steampunk Gentleman I have to first mention the lady, obviously):

The gentleman who caught our attention

Later on the same day my wife and me decided to use the temporal portal close by and pay a visit to the Middle Ages, a “Heidnisches Dorf” [Heathen Village (Hail Wotan!)] happenes to be attached to the WGT in recent years and we took the chance to stock up on mead and various other unnecessary but enjoyable things from the days of yore.

What I did not expect, nor could I have hoped for, was an encounter with fellow Victorian time travelers. My path crossed with fellow steampunks:

A Steampunk Couple

Oh, how delighted I was. Please note the most excellent Brassgoggles on the gentleman’s top hat. Unfortunately, upon inquiery, they denied to have any knowledge of the Brassgoggles Forum. Ah well… The Æthernet is such a vast place for steampunks to hang out, so it is only natural that not all steampunks gather at the same sites I frequent.

Well… So far for tonight, there is more, of course.

Good night…

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