The WGT 2008: Second disjunct episode

Obviously, there was a lot more to disover in the Heidnisches Dorf. There were two stages and we had the peasure to listen to The Moon and the Nightspirit from the eastern reaches of Austria-Hungary, namely Hungary.

Here’s an image taken from their æthernet site:

The Moon and the Nightspirit

Not steampunk but pagan-medieval with strong leanings towards pagan, which is fine by me.

Somone else we met in the Heidnisches Dorf was the guy from Shades Nosferatu (By Jove! I think he’s a pirate):

The guy from Shades Nosferatu

He offers a huge variety of glasses, spectacles, shades and cutom made designs some of which is really quite steampunk:

Steampunk spectacles

But that’s still not all… There’s more to come. The Traveling Steampunks’ tale of the Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2008 is not over yet.